About Us . . .


CES Fabrications Ltd, has been developed from D & G Precision Engineering's Ltd successful fabrication department.

A dedicated specialist fabrication subsidiary will best serve the demands and requirements of our customer base and ensure that new customers benefit from this quality service.

Our new extended factory enables us to complete larger projects in mild steel, aluminum or stainless steel. Our experienced team and new technology enhance our capabilities.

Our parent company has over 30 years of experience which is encompassed in CES.

This precision engineering experience adds benefits to our customers, a one stop shop will ensure all customers' requirements can be fulfilled. Design, manufacture and installation saving time and money.

A fundamental objective is maintaining the present quality of highly trained , skilled staff. We recognize our staff are the heart of the organization.

We are committed to ongoing staff training and seek to exceed our present level of expertise. Such a variety of jobs ensure the staff tackle new challenges on a day to day basis and therefore, continually gain experience.

We understand the need, not only to continually improve the workshop technology but also to keep our communications a step ahead. The industry we operate in replies heavily on technological methods and mechanisms, therefore updating technology and improving machinery is imperative.

The quality and expertise of all our staff is the key to maintaining the current high standards.